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Lucas The Flow - GXXKS Record EP

Hot off the heels of providing support for some of the best producers in bass music such as Ill.Gates, Psymbionic, The Widdler, Hatcha, SUKH Knight, & many more, this talented producer has decided to keep the ball rolling with the release of his most recent EP. Releasing this EP and titling it through GXXKS Records, the company behind founding and executing Clustxr Music Festival, features 6 all originals, along with a remix by CHRVSTFVRD.

Honing in on his potential of a multi genre producer, The Flow steps away from his typical free flowing, ambient beats and takes you on a roller coaster ride through all different spectrums of bass. From intense drops on songs like 'Attuned Frequency Active' to the ambient ride 'Feel The Flow' takes you on, featuring the serenating vocals from Meagan Hillyer, this EP truly has something for everyone.

Be sure to check it out on iTunes below and keep up with Lucas The Flow on Facebook for future releases and shows:

Facebook | iTunes

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