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7 Acts You Do Not Want to Miss at Summer Camp 2018

As the eclectic music festival we all know and love as Scamp is nearly upon us, you may find it hard figuring out your music schedule for Memorial Day weekend with such a stacked lineup. Many Scampers prefer to wonder the magnificent Three Sisters Park and let the vibes lead the way, but in case you're the organized type, we've got you covered on some of the best acts that you should not miss.


From being a prolific underground artist, to emerging as one of the best up and coming bass producers in the scene touring with the likes of Space Jesus and Dead Beat Records, Shlump's one of a kind production has been turning heads lately. Hitting the festival circuit hard this year, he's featured on fests such as Lightning In A Bottle, 515 Alive, Shambhala, Yonderville, Big Dub, and Bamboo Bass Festival in Costa Rica. Be sure to catch this energizing, alien like producer at Scamp and give his music a listen below.

Liquid Stranger

While Liquid Stranger continues to push the boundaries of sound and industry norms, the boss man of Wakaan is a definite do not miss set. Having a personal goal of working with amazing, likeminded people, that are also astounding producers, he's taking the EDM scene back to it's roots and where it all started. Good music, amazing vibes, and great people.


Love good music, good people, and one hell of a party? Well, that’s probably why you're going to Scamp. Luckily for you, Cherub is there to make it even better, so you should probably catch one of their sets (because let's be real, these dudes like to party and will probably show up everywhere ready to play tunes at any point in time). From personally seeing them 25+ times, there's never a bad time when the guys are around.


Straight from the outer edges of the galaxy, Scamp is lucky enough to have a true pioneer of sound, Tipper. Known for sounds that push the boundaries of what we all think is possible, to visuals from some of the greatest artists of our time that will lead you on a journey through the unknown, Tipper is the place to be anytime he's on a lineup.

Mad Zach

The dudes an absolute wizard when it comes to bending and warping sounds. If that alone doesn't make you want to see his set, then I feel sorry for you, because I'll still be there having my mind flipped upside down.

Tyler Childers

Being from Eastern Kentucky and seeing the rise from the Appalachian Mountains this guy has made, to the spotlight all around the country, this is a guy you'll want on your radar for a long time. From Sturgill Simpson producing his album, to selling out venue everywhere, Tyler is one of the greatest story tellers and singer/song writers in the entire music industry right now.

MOE. & Umphreys Mcgee

For the love of music and whatever you believe in, you HAVE to go see at least the final set from both of these bands(and they play THREE each, so there's no reason you shouldn’t go to at least one from each). Even if you're going strictly for EDM, which is hardly the case when it comes to people who go to Scamp, show respect where respect is due and go see all of these guys at their OWN festival!

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